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This is a DIY tutorial for making silk thread jhumka earrings. Silk string jewelry production is very simple as well as this video of making silk string jhumka jewelries is no exception. As lovely as well as easy silk string bracelets and also silk thread kada bracelets are to earn, so are silk string jewelries. In this Do It Yourself tutorial of silk thread jewellery making you will see the procedure of wrapping the silk string jewellery base with silk strings of various colors and after that embellishing them with various embellishments like ball chain and also rhinestone. By adhering to the simple technique of silk thread jewellery making displayed in this DIY tutorial, you can likewise make silk thread jhumka jewelries in your home. The combination that I selected for this Do It Yourself tutorial of silk thread jhumka earrings is of pink as well as gold with pearl as spacer to offer a different effect. You could nevertheless experiment as you like as well as make these silk string jhumka jewelries in various colors and also embellished with different decorations. As I stated previously, silk thread jewellery making is extremely easy and also as soon as you obtain a hang of it, you can make as many silk string jewelry items as you prefer to match the clothing in your closet. Hope you liked my Do It Yourself tutorial of making silk thread jhumka earrings. Do checkout my other video clips of making silk string bangles and also if you simulated my video please LIKE, REMARK as well as … SUBSCRIBE!!

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