Sri Yantra Chakra Talisman Black Agate Magic Necklace

Features Detailed Information Card and adorable Velour Pouch. Gemstone Circle Size: 2 inches (50mm) Made from Natural Gemstone and also might have some organic dots making your Amulet or Talisman quite one-of-a-kind as well as unique. Each Magic Symbol is Engraved on top of the Gemstone Circle. Comes with Adjustable cord, as well as readjusts from 15 inches around 24 inches. Special, Unique, Magic, One of the Kind and Individual TalisSimulated from Natural Black Agate Gemstone.
Amulet significance: Sri Yantra Chakra Talisman. Aids Meditation and also Concentration. Representation of the Jewel in the Lotus, The magical symbol of all creativity. Used for defense and good luck. Recharges your Chakra as well as produces good energy all across. Spiritual Protection and also Natural Powers of Black Agate Gemstone: With its Powers Effective in all Chakras, Black Agate is a Very Spiritual rock. Its primary function for fortune-tellers is as a grounding rock that strengthens the link of the person with the Earth to provide assistance. It is utilized to end miserable or annoying Situations. Black Agate is made use of to Deflect or Absorb the negativity of others, and in that means is a great rock for defense from damaging pressures as well as influences. Black Agate Sharpens your detects. Also it Fortifies self confidence as well as responsibility. Exceptional rock for initiating the procedure of focusing as well as positioning of the complete individual with a Higher Power. It helps us to take in whatever power we require from deep space. Our Amulets as well as Talismans are made as Perfect Gemstone Circle and each Magic sign is Engraved on the top of the Gemstone. All-natural Gemstone powers will certainly involve with Powers of Magic Symbols producing extremely natural mix for it's immediate owner. Make it your own today.